Dwandzani Firearm Training Center

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Dwandzani Farm
South Africa.

S 25’50.947  E 029’253
TEL: 013 680 1282
CELL:  0828959731

Defensive Firearms


SASSETA : 051905003896
SCRS (SABS): AZC/ 2005/427
4000468 – Provider
3000304 - Shooting Range
FAR 17440 - Institution No
100436 - Trade License


Dwandzani suppliers of:

Ammunition ( SAPS ref no 100436)
SWAT Pepper Spray
Body Armour
Firearm Safes
Other Safes
General security equipment (Flashlights, handcuffs, batons etc.)
Specialized Security equipment (Night vision equipment  and binocular equipment etc)
Fraud Detection equipment ID, Drivers License, Passport etc.
Data Card ID Systems



Tactical Firearm Training

Firearm related courses / assessments available  

Legal Courses
Legal Courses

Demonstrate knowledge of the Firearms Control Act. Unit Standard   117705

Firearm Training
Firearm Training

Handle and use a Handgun - Unit standard   119649
Handle and use a Self loading Rifle and Carbine - Unit standard   119650
Handle and use a Manually operated Rifle and Carbine - Unit standard   119651
Handle and use a Shotgun - Unit standard 119652
Handel and use Muzzle loading Firearms - Unit standard 243200

Business Competancies
Handle and use “For Business Purposes”
Handgun - Unit standard   123515
Self loading rifle and carbine - Unit standard   123511
Manually operated rifle and carbine &                                          
Heavy Caliber hunting rifles - Unit standard   123519
Shotgun- Unit standard 123514

Tactical Compatancies
Tactical Proficiency Courses:

 Recommended for Instructors and or Special Pro-active / Re-action Units

Apply Tactical knowledge in the use of firearms - Unit Standard 123510
Handgun - Unit standard   123513
Self-loading Rifle and Carbine - Unit standard   123518
Shotgun - Unit standard 123512

National Key Point Training :
SASSETA Unit Standard 246693
as per the National Key Point Act (Act 102 of 1980) 
Basic National Key Point Courses (14 days)
Advance National Key Point Courses (6 weeks – including all firearm training)
National Key Point Training Refresher Courses (50 periods / 40 hours  per annum as per the Act)
National Key Point Shooting Tables and re-fresher Firearm Training

Special Weapons and Tactics Training for the Traffic officer and or Special Security Task forces

VIP Protection
Static protection for designated persons. -  Unit Standard  244317
Close protection to designated persons whilst in transit - Unit Standard  244319
Pedestrian escort  to designated persons - Unit Standard  244327          
Protection to designated persons whilst embossing or de bussing  U/s - 244334   

Range Officers:
Range Officers Course  - Unit standard   123516
Range Officers Tactical -  Unit standard   123517

Advance Firearm Training (Handgun Clinic)                                                   
Assessor Courses
Surveillance / Counter Surveillance
National Key Point Security Training - SASSETA U/S 246693 ( NKP Ref no: 6012480)
Private and Security - Corporate Investigations Training
PSIRA / SASSETA Security training ( PSIRA 1636743)
Peace Officers Course ( Including assistance with registration in terms of  Act 51 of 1977 –
The Criminal Procedures Act)
Access / Egress Control
Detection of Forgery (Drivers License / ID Documents etc.)

SASSETA Skills Development Program – General Security Practices  SAQA 58577

Organizational Development Interventions   
Team Development  /   Adventure-based Experiential Team Training
Strategic Planning workshops           
Assertiveness Training                       
Creative Thinking and Problem Solving          
Conflict resolution and negotiation skills
Effective Team Leadership Training
Supervisory Leadership Workshops
Effective communication Skills

Quarterly Shooting Practices Tactical Shoots.
It is to be noted that all shooting practices (according to law), must take place under the supervision / control of a qualified Range Officer.  It is recommended that individuals in the various departments be identified and trained as Range Officers. Once qualified, they can supervise future shooting practices.

Annually bookings for the Shooting Range can be done.
Corporate / Security Companies
Private individuals
Families / Groups / Clubs